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We are a record label focused on electronic music made using analog and modular instruments.

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Steve Moore + Bluetech – Liminal migration pre-order

Steve Moore + Bluetech – Liminal migration pre-order

We are very proud to announce the very first installment in our all new Ovoid Crafts record series: ‘Liminal Migration‘ by Steve Moore and Bluetech. A showcase of forward-thinking, dance-oriented music, the “Ovoid Crafts” series gives us an opportunity to pay homage to retro sci-fi in all its cheesy glory. Featuring sequential artwork that references 70’s and 80’s pulp novel covers in collaboration with different concept artists, the series celebrates the more kinetic side of analog synth music while staying true to Behind the Sky’s dedication to the classic vinyl format.

Exploring the intersections between synthwave, house, techno and electro to create a warm and melodic take on retro-inspired dance music, award-winning composer Steve Moore (Zombi,Lovelock) and BTS label boss Bluetech combine their iconic sounds in the debut LP from the series, ‘Liminal Migration.‘ PRE-ORDER on limited-edition color vinyl