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We are a record label focused on electronic music made using analog and modular instruments.

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Steve Moore & Bluetech – Liminal Migration


Behind The Sky is proud to present our 15th release which is a collaboration between Steve Moore (Zombi, Lovelock) and label head Bluetech.  This is the first release for our Ovoid Crafts sublabel, a showcase for forward thinking dance oriented releases and an opportunity to pay homage to retro sci-fi in all its cheesy glory.  Featuring sequential covers that reference 70s and 80s pulp novel covers in collaboration with different concept artists, Ovoid Crafts celebrates the more kinetic side of analog synth music which is the foundation of Behind The Sky’s oeuvre. MAY


Bluetech originally approached Steve Moore to contribute to an upcoming Behind The Sky compilation and discovered that the tracks were stylistically resonant with the album he was working on to launch Ovoid Crafts.  First exploring a remix trade, the two producers realized there was a narrative thread forming and extended the collaboration to some new originals and Liminal Migration came into being.


Over the 7 tracks on Liminal Migration, a wide array of analog and modular synths and drum machines were used and abused including the Prophet 5 / 6, Moog Minotaur, Roland CR-78 and 808, MacBeth Elements, Arp 2600, Buchla and Moog modular systems, SCI Drumtracks, Korg Polysix.  Exploring the middle ground between synthwave, house, techno and electro, Moore + Bluetech create a warm and melodic take on retro inspired dance music featuring trademarks of both the producers’ sounds.




New York-based musician Steve Moore is a prolific multi-instrumentalist and award winning film composer whose work has ranged from noise rock to minimal techno to film scores with releases on Cuneiform, Ghost Box, Kompakt, KPM, L.I.E.S., Mexican Summer, Spectrum Spools, Temporary Residence and many more. As the co-founder of the synth-heavy prog rock duo Zombi, Moore played a major role in the resurgence of interest in vintage horror film soundtracks during the 2000s and 2010s, greatly influencing the synthwave genre. Similarly, Moore’s early solo albums such as 2007’s The Henge and 2010’s Primitive Neural Pathways preceded the revival of Berlin School-style synth music and new age. Moore’s ventures into beat-driven material have included disco records as Gianni Rossi (including 2011 full-length Burning Feeling) and techno singles on labels such as Kompakt and L.I.E.S. He has become increasingly busy composing soundtracks for horror films, such as 2016’s The Mind’s Eye. He resumed non-soundtrack work with his ambient-leaning 2019 full-length Beloved Exile.


Bluetech is a classically trained musician who has been releasing electronic music since 2003, and has over 30 releases to his name.  He has toured internationally and shared stages with some of the biggest names in electronic music, scored video games, won awards for his short film scores and continues to invest in and build community around electronic music.  After his 2 self released albums charted on Billboard in 2019 (at #10 and #5) he decided to expand his label to include other artists, and since then Behind The Sky has become a well respected purveyor of analog and modular synth music.


1.  Steve Moore – Gutter Talk
2.  Bluetech – Entrain Light
3.  Steve Moore & Bluetech – Memory Beta
4.  Steve Moore & Bluetech – Liminal Migration
5.  Steve Moore – Gutter Talk (Bluetech Remix)
6.  Bluetech – Entrain Light (Steve Moore Remix)
7.  Steve Moore + Bluetech – Cosmic Shores


Cover art by Bruce Brennaise –
Mastering by Shawn Hatfield –
Layout by David Last –