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Records have landed!

Records have landed!

The magical vinyl record stork just took a double drive by of the Behind The Sky office and dropped off two lovely records.  

We know you’ve all been waiting a very long time for these, so want to discuss the realities of record production at the moment.  

First of all, there were only 2 places in the world that produce the lacquers that every single plant requires to produce vinyl, and one of them burnt down in early 2020.

This was quickly followed by news of Covid-19.  

What this has done to the record industry is created a bottleneck in the production of vinyl.  We saw 6-8 week production times stretch out to 10-12, then 14-16.  Most plants in North America are no longer taking new projects until sometime in 2022.

It’s important to note that all content creators and labels are affected by this, and a request to please use kindness when asking about the status of the record you bought and are anxious to hear.  We are just as anxious to get it to you and are doing everything we can to speed things up and get projects to print early.

Behind The Sky is an artist run label, so all involved have lost the majority of their incomes as well.  Releasing records is our only way of putting food on the table and staying connected to fans and creating community.  

So that’s the good news.  Do you like how we saved the hard stuff for last?  

The clear edition of Lisa Bella Donna ‘The World She Wanted’ did not pass final inspection. This is currently being reprinted after much yelling and fretting and doing impromptu rain dances to the Holy Gods of rock n roll to open the way for a positive outcome.  They are expected to finish press in the next 2 weeks.  

Nigel Mullaney and the black edition of ‘The World She Wanted’ are getting packed and shipped right now.  Clear versions are a few weeks away.

Much love, and thanks for your time.  

Evan Bluetech and the Behind The Sky family.