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We are a record label focused on electronic music made using analog and modular instruments.

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ambient, analog, bluetech, downtempo, modular
About This Project

Bluetech returns to his roots with an album of delicate and intricate downtempo music. Realized with a collection of analog synths and modular explorations, Sci-Fi lullabies hearkens back to the early Bluetech albums like Prima Materia and Elementary Particles with its hyper detailed and evolving production acumen.

Evoking a classic era of electronic music and realized in an analog domain brings a particular warmth and sense of nostalgia to the tracks, dancing between melodic idm, expansive downtempo and lush ambient worlds.

Created as an homage to science fiction and magical realist literature, Sci-Fi Lullabies establishes eight otherworlds for listeners to explore with open eye dreaming .


1. Lusitania 05:14
2. Nightvale 04:53
3. Ambergris 05:18
4. Darwinia 05:12
5. Embassytown 04:58
6. Hyperion 05:13
7. Gethen (ft. Yaima) 05:24
8. Caladan 04:32


Released May 15, 2019

Track #7 Gethen features Yaima:
Art by Totemical:
Mastering by Audible Oddities: