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About This Project

Lisa Bella Donna – Mourning Light



Behind The Sky is proud to present our 17th release, a deep and haunting journey from the ever prolific Lisa Bella Donna.  Already deeply edited to squeeze into 78 minutes, this will be our first CD release as we couldn’t bear to shop it down any more for vinyl.  This album is the first of three in a trilogy of releases scheduled with Lisa this year, with additional projects and re-issues in motion for 2022.


“Mourning Light is a live performance in collaboration with my dear friend and visual artist, Alicia Jean Vanderelli. In February 2021 she contacted me about a collaboration between the two of us at her sprawling beautiful art gallery. I would orchestra music and fill the room with sound, she would paint a 20 foot self constructed plastic room from the inside out. Initially, we were just going to do the piece together / alone. Then we considered two shows with very limited audiences. This was such an imperative because it allowed us as performers the opportunity to experience  the circulation that only comes when  connecting to an audience in real time. It was the first, live public performance either of us had done since Covid19 & lockdown. Needles to say, it was an intensely cathartic and poignant journey throughout each performance. This recording captures the second & final performance of the night.


This is a live recording. I mixed this in real time through a mixing console onstage powering through a high powered PA system. using the room, it’s vibrations and invoking its limitations. All captured to a 2 track digital audio tape (That’s right – DAT). I’m extremely grateful for the stars aligning along the omnipresence of this album and all the music & spirit within it. Once again, the proof and presence of the miraculous at work for those who manifest it’s grace. AJ & I certainly did just that, manifested & prayed to  the spirits of the arts. It was more than just an intention, it was survival at the last stages of a long journey.  This is a heartfelt conversation between two friends, along with their family of friends in the moment of improvisation.

I hope and am wishful that this music and the spirit of these sounds and images will inspire you and your art in some way.  Love to all.”

Lisa Bella Donna / Appalachian Mountains / July 2021




Lisa Bella Donna is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, modular synthesist, sound designer, educator, and clinician.  She has decades of experience as a session musician, educator, as well as developing extensive techniques with musique concreté, modular synthesis, analog & digital recording techniques, microtonal music, orchestration & film composition.


Lisa currently tours all throughout the USA, Japan & Europe performing concerts and conducting workshops and clinics. She has been commissioned for many multichannel audio art installations in the USA and Europe.  Lisa continues to inspire synthesists across the world every day from her recording studio in the Appalachian Mountains.


1. Mourning Light Pt. I & II
2. Mourning Light Pt. III
3. Mourning Light Pt. IV


Lisa Bella Donna: Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer System, Tapes.
Alicia Jean Vanderelli: Live Painting Evocation.


Recorded live in performance, April, 2, 2021
at The Vanderelli Room / Art Gallery.
Concept, production, & illumination: AJ Vanderelli.
All music, soundscapes, recorded & mixed live to
Tascam DA20 2-channel digital audio tape by Lisa Bella Donna.


Mastered by Harold LaRue
Photography by Kate Sweeney.


Special thanks to Moog Music Inc, Mellotron Sweden,
Hologram Electronics, Universal Audio, Peter Foley Electronics.
Tristan Whitney Weary, Kate Sweeny, & to everyone who came out to be a part of this special evening.


Dedicated in loving memory to Zachary Pahl & Matthew Bush