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We are a record label focused on electronic music made using analog and modular instruments.

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ambient, analog synth, berlin school, kosmiche, modular
About This Project

Lovingly remastered on analog gear, Bluetech’s Sines & Singularities finally gets the vinyl pressing it deserves. Fans have been asking for years for an LP, and the 15 year anniversary of original release seemed like as good a time as any to repress.

Ambient, dub, downtempo, chill. Inspired by The Orb, Irresistible Force, Biosphere, Higher Intelligence Agency and Spacetime Continuum, this album represented a solidification of Bluetech’s sound and propelled him into a full time international touring artist.

Features high frequency mystical line work by outsider art royalty Daniel Martin Diaz presented in double LP gatefold with reflective silver ink on matte. Silver vinyl to top it off.


1. Enter The Lovely
2. Condensation
3. Leaving Winter Behind
4. Forgiveness
5. Shulman – First Came The Stars (Bluetech Remix)
6. Pitch Black – Ape To Angel (Bluetech Remix)
7. Airstream
8. Dreamtime Lullaby
9. Shimmer
10. Wilderness
11. A Garland Of Stars


Released July 3, 2020