Behind The Sky Music

We are a record label focused on electronic music made using analog and modular instruments.

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ambient, analog, guitar, modular
About This Project

“Behind The Sky” is the debut collaboration between In The Branches and Bluetech. In The Branches is a prolific ambient music project from guitarist/producer Shane Cotee (The Adaptive, Infinite Brothers). Shane’s textural guitar layers intertwine with the intricate modular synth explorations of renowned electronic music producer Bluetech for a potent new sound. “Behind The Sky” features cinematic and emotional soundscapes, pulsing analog oscillations, and deep-space meditations with intricate attention to detail. Melodic, dreamy, and high-fidelity ambient music made for contemplating what lies Behind The Sky.


1. Where We Begin 11:23
2. Opening In Time 08:19
3. Behind The Sky 06:51
4. Star Trails 08:56
5. Passing Io 06:00
6. Horsehead Nebula 06:55
7. Orbital Mechanics 12:27


released June 8, 2018

Guitar + Pedals: Shane Cotee
Modular Synth + Pedals: Evan Bartholomew
Production: Shane Cotee + Evan Bartholomew
Mastering: Shawn Hatfield @