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We are a record label focused on electronic music made using analog and modular instruments.

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About This Project

Lisa Bella Donna – Appalachian Wilderness


Behind The Sky is proud to present ‘Appalachian Wilderness” by Lisa Bella Donna, an album of two long form synthesizer compositions that further establishes Lisa Bela Donna as the torch bearer for analog synth based Berlin school music. Mellotron, Arp 2600 and Moog synthesizers combine to create sonic journeys that pulse and evolve organically, like the natural surroundings of the Appalachian Wilderness that serves as the inspiration for this album.




Lisa Bella Donna is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, modular synthesist, sound designer, educator, and clinician.  She has decades of experience as a session musician, educator, as well as developing extensive techniques with musique concreté, modular synthesis, analog & digital recording techniques, microtonal music, orchestration & film composition.


Lisa currently tours all throughout the USA, Japan & Europe performing concerts and conducting workshops and clinics. She has been commissioned for many multichannel audio art installations in the USA and Europe.  Lisa continues to inspire synthesists across the world every day from her recording studio in the Appalachian Mountains.




Lisa Bella Donna: Moog Synthesizers & Sequencers, ARP 2600, Mellotron, Organ, ARP String Ensemble, Polymoog, Reel to Reels, Gongs, Chimes, Bells


Recorded & Mixed April 18 & 26 2019 by Lisa Bella Donna at Appalachian Recording.


Mastered by Harold LaRue


Photography by Tristan Whitney Weary


Special thanks to Moog Music Inc, Evan Marc Bartholomew & Behind The Sky, Ben Vehorn, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Dina Pearlman, Ara Kazanjian, Todd Collis, Anne Sulikowski, Jim Tussing, and all of the listeners who have kindly supported this music.


1. Kanahawa Falls, West Virginia

2. Atagahi, of the Great Smoky Mountains